Elena’s week 7 of training

Snow Wind and Sun another training week is done 🙂 What a funky week it was with crazy weather, work, marathon training and finishing house decor project. The only thing missing now is a warm and sunny weather to plant the garden and rest with feet up after the runs. 

I have mixed my running days so my Thursday run happened on Saturday and Saturday run happened on Sunday. Not ideal for training but there is no other choice as I was supporting Lukas_petrenka with his after-vaccination symptoms and helped preparing for his quarterly visit to his MS neuro doctor. His health is the most important and the rest can be rescheduled. 

I struggle to understand how some people manage life, families, work and hardcore training all together. Not talking about elite athletes who focus on training and the rest just follows. 

Maybe its an illusion and in the long run something has to go and choices have to be made. Lets wait and see what gets tough and what gets going. 

See you soon with updates on my no sweets challenge to improve running quality 🙂 week 7 completed my friends! 

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