Lukas’ week 7 of training

This week was tough and exciting at the same time. I got vaccinated on Tuesday so I couldn’t do my training as planned. No heavy side effects, just general feeling of tiredness, maybe MS related, or the jab playing with my immune system. Anyway, luckily, that went well. 

In addition to the vaccination I had an appointment with my neurologist to renew prescription drugs. That comes with quarterly blood tests, general checks, etc. Touch wood, everything went well, got my meds for another 3 months, good to go. Also I got an MRI scan planned for the 18th of May, just to make sure meds are doing their job and I have no new lesions and everything is under control. That means more blood tests before the MRI scan. 

So one thing to another added up to taking a break from training. It is necessary to stop for a bit as things can easily go off the rails when it gets too busy with just everyday life stuff, work, visits to doctors, drum practices, etc. When all adds up I can’t clear my head when running so my heart rate raises, I feel more exhausted, it can cause injuries and anxiety. It is better to take things easy, one thing at a time and have as much fun/pleasure as possible. 

P. S. Did I mention that I hate needles? 🙂 

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