Elena’s week 8 of training

Fun Run in the Sun ☀️ What a beautiful week it was. As per usual I had 3 runs scheduled without knowing whats there for Saturday run and on Friday morning it appeared to be 15k. I love ❤️ running longer distances. Short ones like 6km is ok but if I can choose I would always go for a longer one to relax, meditate and feel the change. All week was good and even Thursdays intervals happened to be fun so Saturday was truly a fun run in a sun ☀️ at the end we had our dad pick us up and to our surprise he had prepared home-made medals 🏅 for us to help keep up our motivation 😀 hopefully i can keep up with this weeks runs as they are getting more and more entertaining 😂

According to my coach @remigijus_kancys I should not push myself now and try more to enjoy short and easier runs because we still have time and later it WILL get harder. Very interesting to see each weeks plan and giggle to myself ‘this time I will be dead by the end of this week for sure’, however each week passes with improvement which I take to the next one. 

Saturday after the 15k run I managed to do some work in my garden and even planted couple of trees. Now let’s just wait for the real spring to arrive. 

Stay positive and keep going!!!  

Lukas_petrenka never give up ✌️

I am super happy to say that I have managed to fundraise about 60% of total needed amount in only 3 weeks time.  Thank you all who already donated 🙏 and to those who are planning to 💪 every donation goes directly to MS Society. 

I greatly appreciate all sizes of donations because its not about how much but showing you care. Sending my love to all of you ❤️

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