Lukas’ week 8 of training

Wow last week was good! The weather is getting better, warmer, more motivation to run. I know some might say that there is no bad weather for training but I choose better weather conditions that lead to pleasure of running over the necessity to complete the run or any other training in any weather at any cost. I am not aiming to get into Olympic games or any other serious competitions so it leaves me only with getting as much pleasure and good emotions as possible. That’s the result I am aiming for. I am blessed to be able to run 3 long runs 3 times per week and still manage my life with MS. I am already a winner! 

I had a great 15k run on Saturday. Fantastic weather, nice long run, best company and home made granola made by Elena was just a perfect combination. I have done 15k with the same pace as I’ve done 7k on Thursday and that was my only mistake. I shouldn’t have done that, but thats how you learn don’t you. I was tired on Sunday after that, plus we have done some gardening after the run on Saturday so it all added up… But overall it was very good, even better than I expected. My dad has prepared medals for us as he met us at the finish to drive us home with water, bananas and medals:) Felt like we have completed a proper run and received our medals. 

The bottom line is – enjoy every day of your life, give yourself medals and celebrate (responsibly of course 😉 ) asthis is all we really need. This applies to everyone not just people with MS. Let’s go! 

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