Lukas’ week 10 of training

Running, basketball, photography and vitamin sea! These were ingredients of my last week’s recipe. I have decided to take a break from work and spend few days surrounded by nature, sea and blue sky. The weather was great, good company of my good old friend Marius, who also helped us to set up our web page and blog. 25km recorded in the beautiful fresh forest didn’t even feel like an exercise more like an easy pleasant walk. Absolutely loved it! Planning to do it again beginning of June. Breaks like this give me a fresh perspective, new focus and clear mind for my work, projects that I am involved in and most importantly – my health. 

Also I have noticed that it is easier for me to do my runs. Heat rate is stable and averaging 150bpm, pace is getting faster. I will take this as a sign of improvement. 

Next week – second jab, MRI scan, more needles and more kilometres! I hope the weather stays good without any surprises 😉 

Once again I would like to say massive thanks to all who donated to MS Society! I have only £630 left to raise! Please spread the word and let’s help other MS warriors and their families with their struggles, uncertainties and support! Many thanks for all your support!!! 

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