Lukas’ week 11 of training

Hello my people! It’s good to write my blog again and share my experience with you. 

Last week was not really about running – I have skipped two runs so just 10k on the clock. But there is a reason for it. I’ve got my second jab on Monday which I’m happy about. No side effects whatsoever, just feeling of relief and assurance. Seeing more and more people receiving vaccines gives hope that we might have more relaxed second half of the year. 

Also I have had my MRI scan last week, just to see if everything is okay and MS is well managed. Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like and proof that I actually have brains – not just a hat rack😀

MRI scan takes about 1-1.5 hours with contrast substance injection to see if there are any active lesions. I hope not! We’ll see what my neurologist says next week. So one thing to another I decided to take a little break from running last week, didn’t want to stress myself with long runs and other things to take care of at the same time. Still learning to take care of myself rather than pushing to the extent where injuries and fatigue kicks in. 

Once again I want to thank all our supporters and those who donate to MS Society on our behalf. Your support is much appreciated and we feel it in every mile we run! Thank you! Let’s do it!!! 

P. S. Elon Musk has a serious competition here in terms of space travel!😉

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