Elena’s week 12 of training

Week 12 of training is now in the past. It was the first time after a 17km run I felt no pain at all. Normally my legs sore, i feel general fatigue and would like to lay down for a nap but maybe because of all the training (thanks to coach Remigijus Kancys 💪) or good night sleep before (or even all together) I felt awesome after Sundays run. Love the feeling!
No matter how hard it will get during the training or at the actual marathon I have no right to complain. Knowing that Lukas is running with all the side effects he has from MS, I can only run to support and be strong for him. We as families see the struggle from up close so we know the best what it takes him/her each day to get up and get on with the life while dealing with autoimmune diseases. Only thing we have to do is be there for them and silently stand behind in case they need help.
No, we dont need medals for supporting our loved ones. What we need is at least a virtual support from friends and families and LOTS and LOTS of positivity around us 🙂 So lets stay positive, switch off the news channel to avoid negativity and look around ourselves to see and do all the good! Thanks to all for playing your part (whatever it is) in this journey👊🙏
No time to complain, live life and share the joy!

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