Lukas’ week 12 of training

I’m still standing! I’m still running! MS won’t get me so easy!💪🏻 Today is World MS day and every year I am running 10k on this day. ‘Til the love runs out (which I hope won’t happen anytime soon😉). 

There are many sayings such as “no excuses”, “there’s no bad weather just bad clothes” and many more. Living with MS I have all of them. Few times per day sometimes. But despite of that I am still learning to motivate myself to go out and exercise, do my runs or any other activities. And go easy on myself. It’s not easy when you’re young, ambitious and full of life. Nobody said it will be. But I am ready to fight for as long as it takes. 

I have the best support in the 🌎 and that’s my Egle. She is there for me every time for my highs and lows, pain, struggles, happiness and joy. I don’t know where I’d be without her support.

 I want to thank everyone for your support and donations to MS Society. Because of YOU organisations such as MS Society can campaign, fund ground-breaking research and provide award winning support. Let’s do it together, let’s stop MS!💪🏻 

P. S. I still hate needles but I have trained myself not to faint every time I give blood for tests. No excuses, remember?😉

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