Elena’s week 13 of training

Another training week is now in the past. Done & dusted 1f642.png

Last week was supposed to be a lighter one but sun&heat happened and my planning went down the drain. I have now to re-arrange all the trainings to happen in the mornings which also means, bedtime must happen much earlier too. In fact, all daily routines have to change in order to keep functioning without burnouts 1f525.png 1f629.png

I know well what burnouts are. Being maximalist myself I rarely cherish myself and go on till i drop dead. I cannot afford this to happen again. So careful planning in everything (training, work, food, rest) is a key for a good result. Still learning to embrace it!

For my last Saturday run I woke up before 7am but because my watch was out of order after I picked it up from the Apple service it took me another hour to set it up, do all the stretches and get ready for the run. 11km is not long but leaving house too late to run in a heat might become challenging 1f642.png 1f975.png

Lukas was away by the seaside for a weekend so he enjoyed slightly better weather which I know was good for him. He does not take heat well as it messes up with his MS related fatigue and leaves him completely drained 1f613.png

First step to re-arrange my schedule is to put my French language classes on hold until September which means I have extra 6hours every week for myself. 

Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien! Je vais bien et je suis prête à m’entraîner plus fort!! 

1f929.png voila! 

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