Elena’s week 15 of training

Never have I ever thought I will be setting my alarm to go for a run 🏃‍♀️
Apparently, heat teaches the lesson and if I want to stick to my training plan then 6am wake up call is something I need to do.
It was an interesting week with internal struggles of ‘why am i putting myself through all this?’, ‘I can do it’, and things like ‘get used to it as this is just the beginning’. Self motivation is important and finding that inner ‘lets go girl’ is my daily win.
I have my doubtful days. And to be honest its not just about running. It can be anything – am I doing the right thing for my business? I am eating correctly? Why my stubborn body weight is not moving? Why i am not getting results (can be anything) that I work for? Can I do more? Can i do better? And so on and on…I guess i am just a human and those doubts will always be with me in various forms. But the most important is to recognise the doubt and not let it win over me. I am stronger!
Last weeks final run was tough 💪 Must admit that after running 17km in heat with pace of 5:23min/km and ave HR of 156, the rewarding feeling was very sweet although very tired 🥱
Each week I learn something new. And last week was about my agreement with myself of going back to the basics and written daily To-Do plans. This will help me plan better, perform calmer and get things done with the smile 😃

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