Lukas’ week 16 of training

Week 16 is now in the past and it was a good one where I got to complete my two scheduled runs and manage MS symptoms caused by the heat 🥵

We all have different challenges – some are sick of getting up early for work, some for not being able to spend more time with their families, some are fed up with daily commute to the office, etc. Different people = different challenges! Right? I didn’t choose mine, it just happened without any warning. Quite often I find myself thinking about how I’m fed up with skipping my training: bad day, fatigue, heat, this, that… Oh come on! 

So far I have missed about 7-8 out of 50 planned runs since mid March. Not bad? When I have a good day and I’m out for a run I just want to run so all excuses couldn’t keep up! My determination and ambitions are bigger than MS! This is what drives me forward. Every completed run, every drop of sweat, every blister on my feet makes me happy that I can run and get closer to my goal – run in the London marathon proving myself that I can do it and raise awareness about MS and contribute to MS Society with my fundraiser. 

I am grateful for all support I receive from my family and friends, I couldn’t do this without it. 

Please donate to MS Society on my behalf, I’m very close to hitting my fundraising target! All donations matter big or small! Many thanks! 🙏🏻 

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