Lukas’ week 17 of training

This week I want to talk about my coach Remigijus Kancys.

We have met with Remigijus years ago in different marathons and just started chatting about results, preparation, ambitions, muscle pain, etc. I didn’t know that he was the best Lithuanian long distance runner and olympian. I didn’t have to. We just started talking. Once I even threatened him to watch his back in one of those runs as I was coming after him😁That didn’t work out of course. Years later it became a warm partnership and good friendship which I am grateful for.

Now Remigijus is looking after both of us, he gives us training advise, helps with motivation and helps us with our running event that will take place on the 1st of August.

Last Saturday I’ve done 17km run. I have done 4-5 half marathons in the past and this is not the first time I have done a longer distance. But this time I could have done more, I had the energy, I was not exhausted. I was really happy about how it felt and this is a result of my almost 4 months consistent training.

It’s truly inspiring to be working with the best in the field. Many thanks for your help Remigijus and just for being there for us, it means a lot🙏🏻

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