Elena’s week 18 of training

Challenges and experiences! Week 18 was full of it. To make it short I’ll just say I took a break 🙂 as my usual I did my Tuesday run and on Wednesday I went for VO2 max testing (you saw all my pics and videos). I have to admit it knocked me down completely. But… I still got up early next morning for my planned interval run. How silly of me. After my worst run I realised that’s it, I need a break. A break from running, a break from planning, a break from achieving, just a short break to hear myself again 🤷‍♀️
I think it worked because after few full days of doing nothing I did enjoy my easy run on Sunday and now fully back on track for this weeks training.
We are now a charity run organisers ☺️ this involves many new experiences too – such as attract supporters, arrange prizes for winners, medals, organise simple things you never think about when you are a participant. We are not a business unit we are two simple energetic people wanting to raise awareness about MS and funds for our fundraisers. Everything we do is at our free time and our will to educate that even with a diagnosis there are so many things to do. Dont give up! Don’t stop!
If you are in Lithuania please register for a 5000m run or just come to Birstonas to support us https://fb.me/e/1NO6jM1kM
If you are outside Lithuania here is what you can do –
– on the 1st of August run/walk 5k
– Take a photo of yourself or your distance whichever you feel more comfortable with
– Post it on social media IG or FB
– Add a hashtag #todayIrunMS
Please also dont forget to donate to our fundraisers. This is a whole idea behind this event! The amount is up to each and everyone, it can be 2, 5, 10 or whatever you feel like. Every donation counts!

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