Lukas’ week 18 of training

Last couple of weeks were really exciting because we are planning our running event in Birstonas stadium. We will have a real 5000m running competition, with referees, official timing, prizes, fun event with Lithuanian 1500m record holder Simas Bertašius and more. I have done volunteer work before and have been involved in many different social projects but I have never done a proper sports event. My coach Remigijus Kančys is helping out a great deal. We have a few sponsors already, there will be prizes from Citysport, Birstono Mineraliniai Vandenys and more coming on board! Also a few runners from the Netherlands and US signed up so we are going international😀
I hope everything goes as planned and we will have a great event for a good cause💪🏻 Many thanks to all who already signed up and donated to MS Society! Please spread the word, invite your friends and colleagues!🏃‍♂️😉
See you in Birstonas!

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