Elena’s week 20 of training

2 half marathons in one month 🙂 some might say ‘oh thats easy’, some would shake their heads thinking I am crazy. I think I’m on my way to the craziness 🙂
Week 20 was intense with 3 runs, 2 strength workouts, 1 cycling and lots of work, running/charity event planning and studying To-Do’s. No idea where I get my strength to do it all but I love it ❤️🧡💛
I ran my second 23km last Sunday and for the first time after a long run I thought I could actually run a bit longer 🤯😁Thats good. Thats something to look forward to and helps to not loose my motivation.
Lets keep it like this 🙌
We are doing a running event (#SiandienAsBegu or #todayIrunMS) on Sunday so –
If you are in Lithuania please register for a 5000m run or just come to Birstonas to support us on the 1st of August https://fb.me/e/1NO6jM1kM
If you are outside Lithuania here is what you can do –
– on the 1st of August run/walk 5k
– Take a photo of yourself or your distance whichever you feel more comfortable with
– Post it on social media IG or FB
– Add a hashtag #todayIrunMS
– And please donate to my or Lukas fundraisers.

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