Lukas’ week 19-20 of training

I forgot my weekly post last week, just been too busy with our running event that is going ahead this Sunday! Its going to be amazing, we are super excited and looking forward to it!
Last Sunday I’ve done my longest 23km run. This was a new territory for me so I decided to take it easy, try my steady half marathon pace (6:30-6:45min/km). I had to keep my heart rate at the average of 165 bpm so easy steady pace was the way forward.
I ‘woke’ up after 4km in the middle of the old town, motivation was there, everything looked pretty good, I was doing my planned pace when the first dose of endorphins kicked in. Wow that was something! I had to keep myself on a leash: music started to sound better in my AirPods, colours became more vibrant, legs felt more alive. 7-10-13 km felt really good, drinking my water, feeling happy (endorphins doing their thing), taking glucose to be safe I don’t hit that point of no energy. Into 17-18km a good song came on my playlist, I felt that my pace got faster (new dose of endorphins has kicked in), I had to slow down and control myself as I still had about 6km to go. I’ll have to control myself all the way in London, because the crowd and London’s landmarks will carry me away so self discipline is key if I want to finish successfully.
I did my 23km, it felt good, lots of pasta, Fanta and a good 4-5 hour sleep. I woke up with a massive headache but that was caused by the hot weather and my body wanted me to stay in bed for the rest of the day. I definitely feel my calves now and I feel tired but stretches and healthy nutrition really help! Stay tuned for our event this Sunday, we might go live from the stadium with some action and good energy from the best runners in the country and best team that makes it all happen!

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