Elena’s week 21-23 of training

I did not forget about you, I promise πŸ˜‰
Simply last couple of weeks were overwhelmingly crazy on some sort of steroids level πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and I have a feeling its not going to slow down any time soon.
βœ…My weekly running resume – all is going according to the plan. Increasing stamina, strengthening core, getting used to longer runs, going hill running (killer running experience). So very happy to say motivation is still there and getting slightly excited knowing that October 3rd is just 7 weeks away.
βœ…Our running event resume – 3 words – IT WAS AMAZING! Looking at the pictures I want to keep thanking everyone who helped out, supported and showed up on the day. You know who you are and I thank you personally for being there for us.
This experience of sharing our story with the world puts everything into a right place. We meet new people who slowly are turning into new life companions, we hear beautiful things about ourselves which we never thought about. We see people smile.
This experience made us understand that you cannot expect anything from anyone because there is a big chance to get disappointed OR surprised. Just live your life and enjoy it to the fullest. Eventually it will all fall into a right place with a right people by your side.

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