Elena’s week 24-25 of training

Its been awhile since we last talked 😉
A lot of things happened and more are about to but its all very exciting.
We danced at our friends wedding in Krakow, went for a few hikes in Zakopane, explored Warsaw old town, and ran many kilometres in between all the travels, work, meet ups, food tastings and souvenir searches 🙃😈
Its good to be back home and get back to my old routines which might seem crazy sometimes but this crazy works well for me.
At this time my only worry is trip to London which might not even happen due to Covid. If we have too many cases locally and Great Britain decides to list Lithuania as a red country then ‘good bye marathon’. That would be a punch to my heart. So please stay conscious and stay safe!
Lets stay positive and hope for the best!

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