Lukas’ week 21-25 of training

The summer is suddenly over! I almost didn’t notice it was here. I have to apologise but I just didn’t have the time (and maybe inspiration wasn’t quite there….) to sit down and write my blog. Many kilometres run (and still counting), many new people met, even a wedding attended. I still can’t fully comprehend that we managed to put a proper running charity event together. It was a great summer, totally different this time, but that’s what we are looking for in life don’t we. 

Preparation for London Marathon is going to an end. Only one month left to the big day! Got my new special running shoes today designed by Kelly Anna London 🙂 I hope these babies will help me fly on the day… 

Now it is important to stay safe and not to get covid because we will get tested many times before the marathon. Also it is important to get out of the country before it turns red, otherwise we won’t enter the UK. Fingers crossed and hope for the best! 

Now I’m off to the seaside for my 25k run this weekend. Let’s do it!

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