Lukas’ week 27 of training

I’m on a plain and I can’t complain✈️😉🎸
As I am writing this post I am actually on a plane to London. We decided to stay ahead of covid pandemic and minimise the risk of a possible lockout if Lithuania turned red and UK wouldn’t let us in. So after all tests, certificates, travel forms and documentations (I feel I’ve done half of the marathon already) we are finally on the way to London. It has been a while!
Training is going pretty well, counting kilometres. I feel it’s going to final stages of preparation as distances increase so does fatigue. It’s good it’s not MS fatigue and I am feeling optimistic I am balancing well with my training and recovery. Few years ago I could not imagine that I will be doing half marathons every week. Sounds crazy, but it’s actually pretty cool and I am happy with the physical performance level I have reached by now.
I am happy to report that we have both reached our fundraising targets with some time to spare😀 This is a huge accomplishment and I hope all donations to MS Society will help this organisation do what they are best at – help everyone with MS!
Many thanks to each and everyone who made donations – you know who you are and you are superheroes! Thanks a million!🙏🏻

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