MS Society UK featured our story on their social media!

MS Society UK featured our story on their social media and also about how music is important for your well-being!🎸😉✌🏻🙏🏻
Repost @mssocietyuk:
“At first, I didn’t comprehend what has happened and kept my life as I used to, but experiencing most of the symptoms that come with MS it started to sink in. It was so unexpected and it shook the base of our young, fast-paced London based life.
I often have a song in my head to almost every situation in my life, it’s my way of seeing things, good or bad, happy or sad. After I’ve been diagnosed the music stopped. My mind didn’t know which playlist to choose or which song to play.
Only about a couple of years ago, after I was prescribed medication, music started to come back to me. I started seeing things from a different perspective, more clearly. Slowly my zest for life was restored.
I want to make plans again. That happened because the support around me from my wife Egle Elena, our families, closest friends and organizations such as the MS Society which is crucial in situations like I was in, never stopped. I am grateful for all the support I have received and today it’s my turn to give something back.
The diagnosis was never the end of my life, it was the beginning of something different.
I started running around the time I had my first symptoms – optical neuritis which stopped me from enjoying my two favorite sports – volleyball and basketball. It wasn’t easy but slowly it became my meditation, my calm and my peaceful time.
Running the London Marathon is a great way to show myself that I can live my life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it. To remind myself that I am still here because of the support that I have around me. I am not aiming to achieve a good finishing time, I just want to have a fantastic experience and absorb every positive emotion during this day. That is what life is really about, isn’t it? The more uplifting songs on the playlist the better!
It’s going to be a huge achievement for me, I visualize the finish line every time I train, this brings me closer to my goal.”
Thank you Lukas for sharing your story and for being a true #MSSuperstar 🧡 Best of luck – you’ve got this 💪

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