Back in the saddle

After almost 3 months of not running (couple of times per month doesn’t really count) I can report that everything is OK and I am still running, motivation is there, endorphins are doing their thing and music is still pushing me forward.
We have decided to escape harsh winter weather this year and spend the winter in spring-like conditions and that changed everything. After running TCS London Marathon last year I thought I have lost motivation to run, I couldn’t find sense and communication between my brain and legs. And the weather was getting worse and worse which didn’t help at all – after almost every run I got colds, running nose and all sorts of leakages 🙂
So now when the weather is much better I have recorded 40km in the last two weeks of a mix of trail and road runs and about a metric ton of happiness and 10km wide smile 🙂
I am not planning to run any marathons anytime soon but I will be supporting Egle Elena with her ambitious goals and I will enjoy running for pleasure and general fitness. So stay tuned for our posts and more running stories 😉

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